Trauma-Informed Early Education in the Public Schools: Responding to Preschoolers At-Risk for Mental Health Issues

This session addresses the need to provide trauma-informed education for the thousands of prekindergarten children enrolled in public school prekindergarten programs. As states expand their programs for 3- and 4-year old children in the schools, teachers are reporting an increase in behavioral challenges for this child population. Attendees will learn about the causes for the increase in at-risk preschool children and the effects of early trauma on brain, social and emotional development.

About Dee Stegelin

Dr. Dee Stegelin, Profesor Emerita-Clemson University, is an Advisory Board Member at Clemson for their Emeritus College and the US Play Coalition. She helped establish the ECE teacher certification program at Clemson University and provided research, service, and instructional leadership for 17 years. She is currently a SeƱor Fellow for the Institute for Child Success (ICS) and a Research Fellow for the National Dropout Prevention Center/Successful Practices Network. Her professional interests include international early childhood, the Reggio Emilia Approach, trauma-informed education, and meeting the needs of preschool children with mental health and trauma-impacted background.