How to Start and Grow a School Garden

This session will teach how to start a school garden, and how to keep it sustainable. Attendees will be walked through, step by step, on how to facilitate students to start, build, care for, and maintain a school garden. Tips will be shared for grant writing to get funding for the garden as well. There will also be tips for the attendees who have a wellness team at their school.

It is our hope that attendees will transfer this knowledge to a team at their respective schools, and make an action plan to get a garden started! Not only does gardening contribute to health and wellness, but it also contributes to the whole child in many ways including being outside, nurturing plants to grow, working together, and integration of other academic skills.

About Kelli Bellant

Kelli Bellant has taught fifth grade and kindergarten, been a Project-Based Learning Coach, and served as an Assistant Principal in her 11 years of education. She has earned an undergraduate degree, two master’s degrees, and has applied to start a doctoral program.